Carrie Manolakos

“I tried my best. I really did. I tried my best to get through this without any Creep covers. But this one is so good that I’d be crazy not to include it…And man, she just crushed it. There’s really not much to say besides: God Almighty, that climax!”
“This cover of Radiohead’s Creep will make your ears orgasm. If you’re in a hurry, skip to 2:25 for the crescendo, but you should really listen to the whole thing. It’s upsettingly good.”
“Manolakos, whose background is in musical theatre, performs the song with perfect earnestness, closing her eyes and choking back tears. She floats lightly over the soft notes and reaches up to a stringent wail towards the middle of the song.”
“While her high notes are nothing short of stratospheric, the subtler notes of Manolakos’ performance really shine.”
“Carrie Manolakos dazzles on her new single “Take Me Down.” Her music is worth more than just a passing glance. One will not be disappointed. The song “Take Me Down” garners an A rating.”
Voted #1 by readers in Elle’s 30 Under 30 Essential Names to Know

”Carrie Manolakos couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch her debut album, Echo, last month. After she gave a live performance at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge, a video of her cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” went viral when Gawker said “it will make your ears orgasm.”
“And there is that “voice’ which is just phenomenal and takes you to another place. When Carrie Manolakos sings, it’s impossible not to feel it. She takes the audience on an emotional journey. Carrie has devoted her whole life to music, acting and writing, and has managed to be equally compelling authentically sharing herself, her voice and her music as she is acting in roles both new and known.
“Carrie Manolakos took some much needed time to dial in a new LP full of originals and covers. The third single from her forthcoming record “The 44th Chord” is titled “Made of Stars”, and it is shining bright!”