Carrie Manolakos

Carrie Manolakos is truly a masterpiece of a teacher, and especially, a human. I know that every time I work with Carrie, I will make huge strides in my performance; whether that pertains to acting, vocal technique, and everything in between. The environment Carrie sets for her students is welcoming, warm, allows for unapologetic expression, and is a safe space to explore your passions. I have never felt more confident and proud of myself (and the work that I accomplished) than when I have worked with Carrie. I truly believe that she is a very special human who thrives off of teaching others and supporting them throughout their whole careers. Carrie has helped me with my personal work, auditions, and vocal performance many, many times, and each time I work with her again, I become more astounded by her talent and passion to help other people like me. If there is one person to connect with, learn from, and cross paths with, it is Carrie Manolakos.

I participated in an online 6 week masterclass with Carrie U a couple of years ago. In this class I learnt so much about myself, we individually got to work on our vocal technique with Carrie as well as learning from each other, giving peer feedback and sharing together. I cant thank Carrie enough for what she has done for me, in such a short time, her kind, caring and inspiring ethos has helped me become the singer I am today. She helped me to really connect to my instrument as well as the heart - which is vital to singing. If you are connected, your audience will be too! Carrie’s professionalism, kindness and expertise allowed me to experiment and find new sound I never thought I could. I’m now studying musical theatre at one of the Uks top drama schools in London. Forever grateful!

Carrie is a treasure! Her integration of technique, wellness, and spirituality make her voice lessons healing and transformative, but even more important is her insistence, based on her own experience, that students can become their own teacher through experimentation, self-reflection, and their own taste. This has been revolutionary to my practice and advanced my craft further and faster than anything else I've learned in 25 years of study.

I worked with Carrie for a couple of months starting last year and into this year. If you’re looking for someone who knows all and everything about the voice and is willing with patience and understanding to teach you all about it, she’s the best of the best. Not only is she an amazing and supportive vocal coach - she also has the kindest soul. If you’re considering working towards improving your vocal or just learning more about the voice, I 100% recommend Carrie!

I took Carrie's introductory class this past weekend and can not recommend her highly enough. I sang professionally in my pre-Covid career however, since that time I have not done so in any professional or recreational capacity. Carrie not only has an astounding and complex wealth of knowledge about the voice as an instrument itself, but she also incorporates artistry and personal style into every ounce of her teaching. Though her career is able to speak for itself, she- with charming honesty and generosity- gifts the class insight into her methods of having been able to achieve such legendary vocal virtuosity. She is the voice teacher I wish I'd had throughout my career- and has already inspired me to practice with honed intention and methodology in a remarkably different way than I ever had previously. I'm wildly excited to see what comes of this...and I can't wait to go back for more. Regardless of whether you are a curious novice or a seasoned professional, if you have an interest in incorporating your authentic voice into your life and/or developing it to any level of, don't walk! You will not be able to help leaving her studio having grown and changed.

I contacted Carrie to be able to have a deeper daily practice with my instrument. What I got was the most thoughtful and validating musical experience. Carrie helped me find my ground and center my power. We started on a longterm journey to support and improve my vocal instrument. I’m so appreciative for her approach and her dedication to the craft. She is a gift.

When I started singing with Carrie I was looking for someone who could help me in finding my voice and provide me with a technique I could rely on. What I received from singing with Carrie was so much more. Carrie supported me in working to remove the “gunk” that had gotten in the way of successful singing, which for me was years of emotional baggage and poor habits. I had only ever known how to force sound and muscle through my singing and I rarely achieved any of my desired goals vocally. Carrie’s approach of focusing on the micro & macro encouraged me to allow my voice to simply be and let my sound come effortlessly, breaking things down slowly so I could reveal my pure tone without the habits creeping in, this allowed me to work towards finding stability and honesty in my singing. Through Carrie’s approach I began to understand and form a deeper connection with myself and my instrument and all that contributes to what sounds and effort you make/ need. Carrie offers a warm, kind and calming presence which is a comfort allowing you to know you have been seen, heard and understood yet, at the same time she keeps it real and encourages you to challenge yourself by entering the tough spaces you may encounter, to sit in it and explore it for a moment safely with Carrie there for support. I absolutely recommend Carrie’s lessons. She is a great mentor and friend.

Carrie is a priceless gift to the world. She just floored me from the moment I heard her sing. It started a series of synchronicities that brought me back into my old love for singing and into a mentorship with Carrie. It was the best decision on so many levels, and it healed my relationship with my voice. It has dramatically improved so much from working with her that I barely recognize it!! As a music major, I thought I knew all there was, but her technique and practice method is the piece I was missing. Her work is more than just teaching singing technique - she has a purity of heart that she is able to translate to an audience. Lessons with her brought me into that space, too, which is what I was really looking for and didn’t know it. My singing is now something that I love because my technique has been leveled up to an art form, while also brought into the heart. The world needs more heart-based artists! Carrie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this priceless gift!!!

From our first meeting on, I knew Carrie was going to be the mentor I've been looking for for years. I was and remain astounded by her kindness, patience, intuition, skill, and the ability to diagnose what she hears in my voice. Carrie is essentially a vocal translator. She can sing a song to me and I feel like I can hear it and understand it better than if I listen to the original track. She's helped me become more relaxed, to work on conquering my fear (a huge part of singing), and to trust myself as my own teacher as well. I highly, highly recommend spending as much time with Carrie as you can. She's a perfect mix of encouraging without pandering, and instructional without it feeling too critical or condescending. I, of course, was intimidated by her resume and INSANE vocal chops, but so pleasantly surprised at how down to earth she is to work with. I LOVE YOU CARRIE!!!

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